Zimmer Z Wave: The Premier Cellulite Treatment

If you’ve never experienced having those annoying, jiggly, and let’s face it, ugly fat dimples called cellulite; then you’re one of the very, very few of the population that has such a luxury.

The truth is most of us have cellulite somewhere on our bodies, whether on the upper arms, thighs, or buttocks. In fact, at least 85% of women over the age of 21 complain of cellulite.  Even if you eat well and are in good shape physically, cellulite still lurks in the most unflattering way.

What is Zimmer Z Wave
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There are many DIY, natural procedures promising women relief from such unsightly skin. Soon they find themselves wrapping themselves up in coffee grounds with cellophane. Not only are these remedies messy, but they often don’t give you the desired result because they aren’t treating the underlying problem.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite forms when fatty tissue found deep within the skin push out against the connective tissue. Thus troublesome dimples are formed on the surface of the skin.

Other factors such as your age, hormones, inflammation of the tissue, excessive fatty tissue due to weight gain, loss of collagen, poor circulation, inadequate lymphatic drainage,  and the thinning of the outer skin can have a serious effect on the severity of cellulite.

What is the Best Treatment for Cellulite?

As mentioned above, cellulite often has a deep, underlying cause below the skin’s surface. It makes sense then that only a treatment that goes below the skin can adequately treat cellulite.

Zimmer Z Wave is one of the best treatments for cellulite. It is a process that addresses the underlying causes of cellulite. High energy radial shockwaves sent into the tissue have been proven by science to increase blood circulation while it stimulates collagen formation.

It has been proven to improve skin appearance, increase fat reduction, as well as have a significant impact on collagen structure.

What is Z Wave by Zimmer?

Z Wave is an active device that stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation using sound waves. The energy is then sent out in a radial manner making the treatment effective in surrounding areas. You’ll remember that by addressing lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, cellulite can be reduced and even eliminated.

Zimmer Z Wave near me
Zimmer Z Wave | ZimmerUSA

Pockets of fat and cellulite are targeted by these powerful shockwaves that are made up of two different parts made up of a positive pressure pulse as well as a comparatively small tensile wave component. When applied, the shockwave squeezes the surrounding tissue and breaks up the solid structure that the molecules have been forming. Meanwhile, the tensile wave causes a collapse of the gas bubbles that are within the fat structures, known as cavitation. Therefore, the fat is completely destabilized.

Harmful toxins that are a leading cause of cellulite are also worked out of the body’s tissues to reduce the chance of cellulite returning quickly in the future.

Z Wave Results

Over 80% of real people that have used the Z Wave report that the treatments are worth the cost. This fat reduction treatment is revolutionary as it not only destroys and eliminates fat cells, but it results in visibly firmer and smoother skin. It increases the skin’s elasticity as well as improves the appearance of stretch marks.

Research has also found that Z Wave dramatically improves the effectiveness of body contouring treatments such as CoolScupting. Patients found that using Z Wave in addition to CoolSculpting increased efficiency by 60%. That’s because it helps the body break up the fat cells and expel them from your system.

Those of us that have used the CoolSculpting procedure know how painful the massages afterward can be. Thankfully Z Wave treatments can achieve the same results as a CoolSculpting post-massage but are much more comfortable.

Wave treatments initially reported visible skin tightening and a dramatic improvement in the appearance of cellulite. Unfortunately, the results are only permanent if you continue with regular refreshment treatments. Their effect will also last longer if exercise and a healthy diet are part of your daily lifestyle.

Zimmer Z Wave before and after

Zimmer Z Wave Cellulite Treatment

What should you expect during your Zimmer Z Wave procedure? Before the treatment, your doctor will help you decide just how many treatments you will need to reach your cosmetic goals. Each treatment is painless and straightforward as the technician places the device on your problem areas, and the sound waves go to work. It will last anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, but depending on the size of the area being treated and the severity of the cellulite, the process could take a little longer.

Zimmer Z Wave for ED

While the Zimmer Z Wave is most commonly known for its advances in improving the appearance of skin in women, some men may also find that treatments can help treat erectile dysfunction. The same high-energy radial shockwaves used to treat cellulite can also increase blood circulation and improve connective skin tissue in the penis. The treatments have been proven to significantly improve sexual function and pleasure for men and their partners alike.

During these treatments, it is entirely safe to continue with other ED treatments you may already be undergoing. Because Zimmer Z Wave is non-invasive and pain-free, you won’t have to worry about recovery time.

Zimmer Z Wave Near Me

If you’re interested in finding a treatment center near you so that you can enjoy tight, healthy-looking skin, there are plenty of options in the area. Sepi Spa is one such option. Our professionals will help you achieve the results you’re looking for without any pain or downtime.

Zimmer Z Wave Price

How much does a Z Wave treatment cost? Depending on the Spa, the average price of one treatment using the Z Wave by Zimmer costs $100. Many spas run promos meaning that if you pay upfront for 12 treatments, it will only cost you the price of 8 treatments, $800.

If you are interested in learning more about Zimmer Z Wave and it’s effects on cellulite, stretch marks, and the overall appearance of your skin, or how it can improve problems caused by ED, give Sepi Spa a call today.








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