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Seaweed Herbal Mask

Natural powder mask that detoxifies and balances the skin surface. With this style of mask, you have control over the consistency. Mix one tablespoon of powder with one tablespoon of water. Blend to a smooth texture and apply to the skin with fingertips. Allow it to dry for 5-7 minutes then rinse off with warm water.

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Natural powder mask that detoxifies and balances the sin surface by absorbing impurities and excess oils.

Important Herbal Effects:

  • Seaweed (Laminaria digitata) – Is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals which maintains and improves the skin’s elasticity. A very strong antioxidant.
  • Caraway (Carum carvi) – Is good for puffiness, and helps quicken the healing in inflamed skin.
  • Marigold (Calendula officinalis) – Highly versatile and improving herb, good for dry skin and blisters. Prevents fungi and bacteria. Marigold is more often used n complexion creams and lotions for its cleansing, softening, and soothing properties.


Purity Herbs

Purity Herbs only uses natural ingredients in the products. Purity Herbs make use of wild Icelandic herbs, Icelandic water, and pure essential oils.
Purity Herbs

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