Luxury Scented Candles: Un Soir à L’Opéra Candles

Candles play a significant role in the décor and ambiance of our homes. Not only should they look beautiful, but we rightly expect the scents to transform a room into a place far away, perhaps to a dream or memory.

Un Soir à L’Opéra luxury candles promise to do even more. They will instantly transport you to your favorite ballets and operas. These scented candles are designed as a unique tribute to the masterpieces. Their uniquely designed scents reflect the score and choreography of your favorite productions. From The Magic Flute to Swan Lake and many, many more, you can expect the scents to prolong the magic.

Un Soir à L’Opéra: The Best Candles

Unlike other scented candles on the market that are made from mineral wax, Un Soir à L’Opéra Candles are made from vegetable wax. So you won’t have to worry about dangerous petrol residues filling your living space.

Master candles makers work tirelessly to make sure that each candle is manufactured according to French Tradition. Rather than only including the scent on the top of the candle as many cheaply made candles are made, Un Soir à L’Opéra candles hold their truly magical scents from start to finish. It ensures that each time the candle is lit, the user will feel a personal, intense emotion.

Even the wick and glass are given special attention. Un Soir à L’Opéra candles only use 100% cotton wicks and avoid any lead wires that are commonly found in candle wicks. Therefore, the candles burn cleanly and that they correspond well with the wax and glass used. They really are the best luxury candles on the market.

Luxury Scented Candles

Have you’ve ever found yourself watching your favorite opera wishing that it wouldn’t end? Indulge yourself in the emotion and exquisite scents composing an olfactory symphony. Un Soir à L’Opéra presents you with the invitation to prolong the magic of these special and rare moments.

Everything from the detail of the staging, the musical scores, and the choreographed movements can be experienced by lighting one of Un Soir à L’Opéra’s candles. The collection of delicate and exquisite scents create a unique tribute to the masterpieces of the repertoire.

For example, one popular scent was created to reflect the story of Don Giovanni with musical scores by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. The scented candle is designed to take you through his story on the streets of Venice. The scents perfectly reflect his struggle to choose between his fleshly and his spiritual desires.

The first layer of the candle, made up of calone and elemi, reminds you of the scents of the Venitian canals. As the candle continues to burn, you are brought scents that reflect the mirror of our souls. This scene is represented by the scents of labdanum, fumencens, and gurjum. When you reach the finale of the production, you will smell benjoin, cedar, and styrax designed smell like the incense escaping the open doors of the church.

Luxury Scented Candles: Un Soir à L’Opéra Candles
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

What other masterpieces can you experience through Un Soir L’opera luxury candles?

Romeo and Juliet. Starting with scents like ylang, bergamot, and rose, you will feel yourself there on the balcony with the stories heroine. As the next level starts to burn and you smell jasmine, violet, and lilac, you’ll be reminded of the lovers’ first kiss. The finale of the production is there in your mind as you smell hints of dried fruits, Gaïac wood, and clary sage.

The Nutcracker. The scent is based on the Christmas Eve tree. The fragrances of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, scotch pine, cypress, dried fruits, honey, and vanilla will remind you not only of this beautiful Christmas ballet but will remind you of past Christmas nights.

Carmen. Feel Don Jose’s intoxicating infatuation with the sensual, rebel gypsy, Carmen. Smell the fragrant Cassie flower pinned on Carmen’s blouse as well as the tobacco leaves from the cigarette factory where she works. With further hints of orange blossom and jasmine, you will feel as did Don Jose “drunk with its smell.”

Swan Lake. Follow the ballerina’s journey into the forest, across the grass, and finally to the mysterious lake when you light this candle. Citrus, caraway, fig leaves, and galbanum will start your journey. Then come the green grass, mint leaves, cyclamen, and hyacinth as the Prince gets closer to the lake. Finally, the scents patchouli, Lebanese cedar, amber, and musk alert you that the ballerina has arrived at the lake.

La Bayadere. Take a mental trip to 19th century India with scents of cinnamon, cumin, saffron, sandalwood, patchouli, violet, musk, cedar, and vanilla. Feel the passion and mad love that the beautiful Nikiya has for Prince Solor.

Madame Butterfly. Accompany young Cio-Cio San, a young Japanese girl as she marries and is then left by Pinkerton, an American naval officer. Scents of Sakura cherry trees and verbena surround the young girl as she waits for her love to return.

What Else Should You Know About These Luxury Candles?

 The burning time for each candle is 45 hours. They weight 6.3 ounces and are 7.5 centimeters by 9 centimeters. Each Un Soir à L’Opéra candle is crafted with the utmost care and therefore is of the highest quality.

Where to Buy Best Luxury Candles

If you’re ready to bring your favorite operas home with you and indulge in them even when they aren’t in town, it’s time you bought a Un Soir à L’Opéra candle. The high-quality scents will trigger the emotions and memories found in each and every theatrical masterpiece.

Un Soir à L’Opéra luxury candles can be purchased directly through their website as well as through a variety of retailers. However, you can buy Un Soir à L’Opéra candles right here at Sepi Spa. Check out our inventory to find out further information on the specific notes and styles of each candle. You can even buy these magical scents in reed diffusers. Call today to place your order.


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