Valmont Skin Care: The Products Your Skin Crave from Switzerland

Established in 1985, the Switzerland-based cosmetics company Valmont has spent the last 30 years perfecting their fantastic line of skin care products. With so many years of knowledge and experience in the world of cosmetics, it’s not hard to see why their beauty products are considered some of the best on the market.

What Makes Valmont Skin Care Products So Great?

With all the skin care products currently on the market, it can be a bit of a challenge to determine what skin care regimen you should be using for your skin. To make this decision easier for users, Valmont skin care products are pre-arranged into specific regimens that focus on various aspects of skin care such as hydration, anti-aging, and skin tone balancing. However, if you prefer to create your own skin care regimen, these products can also be purchased separately.

Valmont cosmetics sit on display

Face Care with Valmont

Looking for something to improve your skin as well as soften, restore, and brighten your complexion? Try Valmont’s Regenerative Mask Treatment! This regenerative collagen mask is highly effective for lifting, moisturizing, and reinvigorating your skin. Additionally, it can also soothe facial redness and smooth out those annoying wrinkles that plague our day to day lives, leaving your skin looking vibrant and fresh.

We’ve all had those days where we looked into the mirror and grimaced at the reflection staring back at us. Whether it be due to wrinkles, sagging skin, or just a dull complexion, that feeling sucks, and many people go to extreme lengths to repair those pesky imperfections. However, before you go scheduling an appointment for the plastic surgeon, why not give Valmont’s l’ Elixir des Glaciers a try? This is a powerful anti-aging poly-active face cream that not only restores your complexion to a youthful glow, but also makes your skin softer, more toned, and overall firmer; thus, providing you with a younger, more vibrant complexion.

Unsure of what combination of products you should use on your face to restore and replenish? The Valmont Renewing Pack is a perfect choice! This kit is especially useful for dull and aging skin types. A fast-acting treatment for your skin, the Valmont Renewing Pack can be used as part of a daytime or nighttime beauty regimen. So, if you want a product that revitalizes and enhances your face, but doesn’t take a century to produce results, look no further.

Another spa favorite from Valmont is the Valmont Dermo-Soothing Cream, which is a soothing moisturizing cream that softens and rehydrates skin. Usually recommended for individuals with highly sensitive skin, Valmont Dermo-Soothing Cream contains no harsh ingredients or chemicals. Available by request.

We also suggest Valmont’s Dermo-Structuring Master Factor III, which improving the signs of aging by using soy phytosterols and wild yam. It’s ideal for skins that are sagging and marked by wrinkles.

Eye Care with Valmont

Let’s face it, life can really kick your butt sometimes, and this butt-kicking often takes a serious toll on our physical appearance; especially your face. Dark circles, tired eyes, wrinkles, and puffiness are all issues that we frequently face whilst braving our day-to-day lives. Fortunately, Valmont skin care recognized this common issue and created a fantastic solution. Valmont l’ Elixir Des Vos Yeux is a poly-active eye cream that not only reduces dark circles and puffy eyes but also softens facial lines and acts and as a great anti-aging cream.

Containing triple DNA, glacial spring water, and the purest plant extracts, Valmont I’ Elixir Des Vos Yeux is a powerful and highly effective weapon for combating all your eye-related woes.

Valmont Skin Care Ingredients

natural ingredients on metal tray
Natural ingredients on a metal tray

Valmont frequently procures many of the ingredients for their products from the natural resources of Switzerland. Some of these unspoiled natural resources include glacial water and extracts from plants native to Switzerland.

Additionally, Valmont also uses a highly effective DNA complex that provides a huge boost to their products’ regenerative properties.
Other common ingredients found in this product line include Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Vitamin C is known to be a powerful antioxidant, and Vitamin D helps promote faster healing of skin cells.

Valmont Skin Care Reviews

The Valmont skin care product lineup contains numerous creams for your face, eyes, and skin. Possessing over three decades of knowledge in skin care, Valmont is globally renowned for their powerful, unique, and effective varieties of creams, toners, and serums that restore, lift, tone, and rejuvenate skin and hair. From treatments for sun damaged skin to creams that tighten, rehydrate, and revitalize your face, Valmont Skin Care has it all.

L’Elixir des Glaciers Teint Précieux

This amazing foundation cream takes all of the best features from powdered and creamy foundations and combines them into one unique, smooth formula. In addition to being a luxuriously smooth foundation that creates a perfect, even complexion, L’Elixir Des Glaciers Teint Précieux also treats signs of aging, lifts skin, and softens skin, resulting in a healthier, more youthful complexion. It’s texture also allows for incredibly effortless application, which is a rarity for most foundations on the market.

This miracle foundation comes in three colors; Amber Beige in Florence, Ivory in Shanghai, and Sandy Beige in Paris.
Available by request only.

L’Elixir des Glaciers Vos Yeux

When using Valmont L’Elixir des Glaciers Vos Yeux as part of your daily beauty routine, you will notice substantial improvements in the texture and appearance of your skin. This incredible eye cream is praised by its users for its ability to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, eye puffiness, and dark circles. Additionally, Vos Yeux also rehydrates, softens, and brightens your skin.

Another feature that sets Vos Yeux apart from the rest is its ingredients. This product, like other products within the Valmont skincare line, contains RNA and HP DNA. The specific structure of this HP DNA, or highly-polymerized DNA, provides it exceptional properties such as hydration and cellular regeneration; translation, it’s awesome for rehydrating skin and making you look younger. RNA, also known as Ribonucleic Acid, is a polymeric molecule that is made up of nucleotides. RNA is often used to treat various skin conditions and diseases.

Available by request only.

Valmont Hydra 3 Regenetic Cream

Considered a must-have for those seeking an effective anti-aging formula, Hydra 3 Regenetic Cream treats the root causes of age-related water deficiency. When using Hydra 3, you will notice improvements in both the fullness and hydration of your skin.

Hydra 3 Regenerative Cream also contains a delicate, pleasant smell that will not offend the senses whilst using the product on your skin.
Due to its rehydrating properties, Hydra 3 is often recommended for those with dry and/or aging skin. There is also a Hydra 3 Regenerative Serum.

Valmont Prime Renewing Pack

The Valmont Renewing Pack has been considered one of the best renewing masks on the market for three decades. Striving to improve the formula, Valmont added a new Liposomed RNA, new peptides, and Cellular Prime Complex that would give a huge boost to the product’s anti-aging capabilities. After this adjustment to the original formula was complete, the product was renamed Valmont Prime Renewing Pack.

Need a fast-acting solution for dull, bumpy, or wrinkled skin? Valmont Prime Renewing Pack is an instant fix that will leave your skin looking younger, fresher, and more vibrant than ever.

Where to Get Valmont Skin Care in Los Angeles

Valmont products are considered some of the best skin care products on the market, so you’re not going to just happen upon them in the skincare aisle of any old supermarket. However, you can shop Valmont till your heart’s content at Sepi Spa if you find yourself in the Los Angeles area.

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