Valmont Skin Care Reviews: From Switzerland to Your Skin

The skin makes up such a big part of the human body, in fact, the skin is the largest organ we have. Not only does skin make up so much of who we are, it is also exposed for all to see including yourself. This all being said, taking care of the skin is very important and everyone wants radiant skin. One of the best lines of skin care products that you can buy is from the Valmont collection!

Valmont Skin Care Reviews

In 1905, the Valmont skincare line was established above Montreux and Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The original intent of the company was to produce products that would heal wounds or skin problems. It was not until later, in 1980 that the company turned the focus of its product line into healing skin and making the skin appear beautiful. This was an amazing transformation if you think about it! I mean Valmont has gone from a company where you would buy its products to heal a cut to now buying its products so that your skin tone can look absolutely radiant!

Valmont cosmetics sit on display
Valmont cosmetics sit on display at a second flagship store of Rinascente in Rome.

Valmont skin care items are also really interesting in that they normally come in kits. The kits allow you to stick to the regimen that they created for you. If you maybe just want to try one product that is also an option Valmont gives you. You are free to choose as many or as little items as you want given their separate ordering option. Another great idea is to make your own kit! If you know how to work with your skin (even dry skin) or know what it needs, it is a great idea to make your own mixture of products. As far as the price goes, it is not cheap. Nothing good is ever cheap! Many love the products, and to have healthy, good looking skin, it is definitely worth it!

Valmont Foundation Review

One of the products of Valmont is l’Elixir des Glaciers anti-aging cellular foundation. This is a foundation that is loved by many. This foundation simply put takes the age right of your face. Unlike other foundations that might just cover up, this particular foundation does so much more. Not only does it give your face a seamlessly smooth look, it also lifts the skin. So essentially you become more beautiful every day you put this on. The product cost about $275. The reviews for this product verify just how wonderful this product is. Many said, yes, the product is expensive but that it was worth every cent by applying a thin layer of the active ingredients. Amazing effects were to be found and the skin looked younger and tighter.

Valmont Eye Cream Review

Firming Lifting Corrector Eye Factor IIAnother product of the Valmont line that gets a lot of attention is their eye cream. This eye cream has reviews where pretty much every person gave it a five-star review! This means it must be good. The price of this product is about $340. The magic behind this lotion is that it targets pretty much any problem that you are concerned about when it comes to the skin around your eyes. So, if you have puffy, dark, or wrinkly eyes this product knows how to handle all that. The highlights of the product that many have pointed out include diminishing eye puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and bags. This product also is also said to smell very good and many feel that the product is a luxury item.

Valmont Regenetic Cream Reviews

Hydra3 Regenetic CreamThe next product of discussion is the Valmont regenetic cream. Now this regenetic line comes in three ways, a cream, a serum, or a hydration sampler. The cream is $325 at most stores. It works with its two most important ingredients triple DNA and the DNA liposome. Those ingredients do not sound traditional but that is the secret behind the cream, allowing for massive hydration to be held in the skin. The whole purpose of the cream is to hold the moisture in the skin so that you can have fuller, plumper looking skin and not show aging marks. The cream also is meant to work alongside the Valmont regenetic cream. The regenetic cream is $285 and as I said before works along with the serum to create a super hydrating duo. The added benefit of the serum is that it brings tightness to the skin as well. Lastly, the kit comes with both the cream and serum and a contour. The contour is used to correct areas of skin by the lips and the eyes. Altogether the kit is like a super-skin pack to make you look amazing!

How to use Valmont Renewing Pack

Valmont Prime Renewing Pack-MaskThe Valmont Renewing Pack is like three products in one, it is pretty amazing. This product has many specialties including a regenerating mask, hydration, and also makes your skin glow. The cost is $220 but has numerous five-star reviews that confirm just how well this product works.


Where to get Valmont Skin Care in Los Angeles

Now that you know lots more about Valmont skin care products, you probably want to know where you can buy it. If you are in Los Angeles one of the best places you can go see Valmont products at Sepi Spa on Montana Ave, or browse our online store and pick up the products in person. Even if you are not in Los Angeles, buy Valmont products along with many other skin products.

Another amazing attribute of Sepi Spa is that they actually have a Valmont facial. Yes, it is true! So, maybe if you are not ready to buy the product, go get a facial done at Sepi Spa. You can see how you like it, but I am sure you will love it. From looking at all the benefits of using the product as well as the numerous five-star reviews it would be a great idea to try out the Valmont products and see what works for you!

Sepi Spa: front interior left side
Sepi Spa carries Valmont Products in our Montana Ave Store
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