Valmont Skin Care Ingredients: 2 Vitamins Make All the Difference

Valmont skin care is an iconic brand in the skincare industry. It has been around for a while and has been evolving since the beginning. In the 1980s it was called the Valmont Clinic, and it was the first in Switzerland to offer plastic surgery. Then later in 2005, Valmont had changed. It was owned by a family, the president of the company Didier Guillon, and his wife, Sophia, is the director of operations.

They both took the company away from the plastic surgery field and into the beauty product field to create a product that would work for the biology of that skin. The company likes to use the power of science to match what products work best for certain skin types of certain people. This created some amazing products that many love.

Valmont Skin Care Ingredients

What probably matters most to you is whether the ingredients in the Valmont skin care products actually work or not. The good news is Valmont’s skin care products contain lots of beneficial ingredients that can help your skin in many ways.

The company heavily looks at the connection between the skin and science behind the products. They want to find what works best for certain skin types and what can help the most for certain areas. The basis behind their products is to create a major boost in skin regeneration. There is two ingredients that are put into the products which are fantastic for your skin.

Valmont Ingredient Vitamin D

The one ingredient is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is great for damaged skin cells as it heals them more quickly. This vitamin helps the cells to repair and improves the immune system of the skin. It also aids in stopping free radicals, which make your skin age faster than normal.

Valmont Ingredient Vitamin C

The second magical ingredient is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is almost like armor for your skin. It is an antioxidant and works to fight off anything that could damage your skin cells. It is also essential for collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis is the creation of collagen and collagen is a protein used in the skin and connective tissues.

Along with Vitamin C and Vitamin D, many of the Valmont products contain lots of moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizers are so important for skin care. They provide moisture to the skin and aid the skin whether it is too dry or if it is too oily. In most skin care routines moisturizer is so important that most people take an extra step in their routines to apply moisturizer after they have finished their routine. Keeping the skin moisturized is important! Without moisture the skin can get wrinkles, worsen wrinkles, create itchiness, and make acne worst.

How to use Valmont Renewing Pack

One of the best products that Valmont created is their Renewing Pack. The Renewing Pack is not a full pack of products as you might imagine but rather just one amazing product that has many uses. It is a cream that you can apply to your face and has used such as regenerating, moisturizing, and creating a glow. You can also choose to use it whenever, whether you would like to use it in the night or morning, it doesn’t matter.

Valmont Prime Renewing Pack-Mask

When using this product, you also have the choice as far as whether you want to use the cream on occasions or daily. You also can choose to use it at whatever time you would like. When using it in the morning apply a thin layer to the face. Don’t forget to apply some to the neck area, as this spot is often forgotten about but should always be treated as part of your face. Leave the cream on for about 5-10 minutes and then wash off. In the night you can simply apply a thin layer and then leave it on for the night. As another option, if you feel like you just need to refresh your face before an event, for example, apply the cream again thinly and then leave on for about 20 minutes. Massage the product into your face, but do so in upward motions. Remove the product from your face with a washcloth.

Valmont Skin Care Reviews

Beauty products are always something people want to try but are nervous because they are not sure how well they will work for them. Valmont skin care products are not something you have to worry about as they are some of the best beauty products to use! The reviews were mostly all positive, and people had amazing results.

The Valmont products had one major aspect that everybody loved and that is the balance the products have. Just one product alone could provide so many results and had a good balance of everything. The products are able to provide moisture but not leave you feeling oily. Many times you may notice that you put a beauty product on and feel like its heavy on your face or that you have a thick layer of oil on your face. With the Valmont products, many found that it did the opposite, leaving your skin feeling light and with moisture.

The next benefit of using Valmont products is its ability to hold the moisture for long periods of time. Some may think that the skin with then feel heavy since it is retaining the moisture but it does not.

One of the best features of the Valmont products is softness. Many exclaimed their love of how soft their skin felt after using the products.

Valmont Skincare Before and After

Another great use of Valmont products is for the eyes. Not for the eyes directly but for the surrounding skin of the eye. If you have dark spots, using the eye cream is great. It is very lightweight, so it does not weigh your undereye down, but it also covers the dark spots at the same time. Some even found useful the cream for their dry or inflamed eyelid.

The pores of your skin were also something many found to have been helped with the Valmont products. When applying to the skin many found a reduction in the size of their pores. Pores often expand due to dirt or oil that gets trapped in the pores. This trapped dirt also leads to, something that most of us are familiar with and that’s blackheads.

Also, the products helped to even out the skin tone on the face. So if you have splotches or dark circles under your eye you can use their products. Many people loved the results of the eye cream and the lightness it gave to their skin rather than being a heavy cream.

Where to go for Valmont Products?

Now that you see just how impressive these products are, you may be wondering where to purchase Valmont beauty products. You can get them from various websites but one of the best places to go to or order from is Sepi Spa. This site has a dedicated section under their products just for Valmont products. They have two pages full of the products; you can go through and look at them all. Sepi Spa also has numerous other products that are great for skin care. If you live anywhere near Sepi Spa in California, you can also go to them for lots of spa services. They have everything from infrared saunas to facial treatments.

From this article, you can see just how amazing the Valmont products are. The president and director of Valmont had transformed this company. It is impressive to think how the company changed from a plastic surgery business into a business that creates beauty products. They also transformed their vision from being an institution that changes what you look like into a business that helps accentuate your natural beauty while also bringing healthy ingredients to your skin!

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