Spas with Infrared Saunas: Everything You Need to Know

You may be able to find spas with infrared saunas in your area. If you are curious about these saunas, we’re here to answer your questions that you may have. The main difference between an infrared sauna and a normal one is that the infrared sauna uses light to heat it.

Do Infrared Saunas Work?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, they do work if you use them often enough. If you only use it every month or so, you probably won’t experience any lasting effects. Just like any other health regimen, you want to keep up on it to notice long lasting effects from it.

How Hot are Infrared Saunas?

The ideal top temperature is 130 degrees Fahrenheit, with a usual minimum of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Are Infrared Saunas Good for Your Skin?

Yes, they are actually good for your skin. Infrared sauna at Sepi Spa can cause you to sweat more intensely than a traditional sauna. They help improve skin tone and flush your body of toxins, which will cause your skin to have that gorgeous glow. It can also stimulate circulation and the blood flow, which can help you look younger. You can have anti-aging effects without spending a fortune!

Are Infrared Saunas Safe for Your Health?

This is not an easy question to answer. There is no positive yes or no. It all depends on your overall health. You shouldn’t use a sauna, especially starting a routine, without asking your doctor if it is safe for you first. For many healthy people, yes it can be safe for your health, in moderation.

Are Infrared Saunas Dangerous?

They can be dangerous if you go into one too much. If you spend too much time in one, or even in a traditional one, you run the risk of overheating and becoming dehydrated. There are also some health conditions that can make it dangerous to go into one. Overall, the health benefits outweigh the risks, when used in proper moderation. Once again, consult your doctor first.

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Are Infrared Saunas Safe During Pregnancy?

They are not safe to use during pregnancy. You should avoid anything that will cause your body to overheat while pregnant. If your core temperature reaches a certain degree, you can become hyperthermic. Some side effects of hyperthermia during pregnancy can include heart defects, spina bifida, and others.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe for Diabetes?

Yes, they can actually help to improve the quality of life for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Because they increase circulation and blood flow, they can help minimize symptoms and side effects of diabetes. They can also help with the chronic pain a lot of people with Diabetes experience. Infrared saunas are not a cure for Diabetes though, and you should consult your doctor before using one.

Are Infrared Saunas Worth It?

Yes, they can be worth it, if you go enough. They can help slow the way your skin ages. They can also help you to detox your body. It is also very good to get a good sweat out once in a while. They can even be used as treatments for some illnesses and diseases. If you have an illness that you think a sauna can help with, you may want to discuss the option with your doctor. You just need to use them responsibly.

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Can Infrared Saunas Cause Cancer?

No, they cannot. But, they can be used to help treat, prevent, and reverse cancer. They can be less invasive and rough on someone with cancer than a hyper thermic treatment. They can help the body detox, and in some cases, they can even help to kill cancer cells. The saunas will also improve your immune system as well, which can help your body fight off cancer cells.

Do Infrared Saunas Help Acne?

Yes, they can actually help to clear up acne and prevent it. If you use one a few times a week for a little bit each time, it can help you significantly. The sauna causes you to sweat out all of the toxins in your skin, which will prevent the acne and clear it up. They can also keep your skin hydrated, which is great for people with dry skin. If you have tried numerous products to try and clear your acne, you may want to try an infrared sauna next.

Do Infrared Saunas Work for Weight Loss?

They do not actually help with weight loss. The sweating that you will do in one helps you to get rid of excess fluids in your body. It does not help to get rid of fat cells or speed up your metabolism however. They should not be used in place of a healthy diet and exercise. They are calming and relaxing after a workout though.

How Long Can You Stay in an Infrared Sauna?

infrared sauna domeYou should never stay in an infrared sauna for more than an hour, even if you go to one multiple times a week. If you spend too much time in one, you can overheat and become dehydrated which can cause health problems. Many people stay for about 30 minutes. If you are just starting to use one, you might want to start out with 10-15 minutes until you become used to it. Then, you can slowly increase the amount of time you spend in one.


How Much is an Infrared Sauna Treatment?

It all depends on how many people it can hold and how long you stay in there. Typically, it can run you anywhere from $50-$100. If you are using a one-person sauna for about a half hour, it will cost less than using a 2 person one for an hour. It also depends on what spa you go to and what area you live in.

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