Skin EssentiA Antioxidant & Peptide Eye Gel

Scientifically formulated for use around the delicate eye area, this eye gel is rich in antioxidants, peptides, and vitamins that assist in creating a more youthful eye appearance.

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This eye gel enhances the appearance of a firmer-looking eye area which assists in giving skin a more youthful and revitalized glow. It helps plump up the look of skin, reducing fine lines and giving the skin a smoother appliance. It assists in creating the look of smoother, hydrated, glowing skin.



Environ is a globally recognized and loved Professional Skin Care brand that is built on science, beauty, and care. We believe that skin has a life and that vitamin A is the "oxygen" it needs to look healthy and beautiful for life. It is for this reason that we actively pursue skin care science to skilfully and consistently develop best-in-class, scientifically researched and developed products that work with skin.