Sekkisei Supreme Revitalizing Cream II

A night cream that hydrates, firms and supports the skin’s natural barrier function for healthy, radiant skin.

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  • Long-lasting hydration effect that lasts throughout the night.
  • Plumps up the skin, leaving it firm and glowing.
  • Repairs skin cells damaged by UV rays.


Place the cream on your face in the following order: 1. Right cheek, 2. Chin, 3. Left cheek, 4. Forehead, 5. Bridge of your nose. Distribute the remaining cream on your fingers evenly across your fingertips on both hands, and use those fingertips to spread the cream all over your face. Step 1→ step 2. Spread the cream from the center of your face outwards in a lifting motion, using both palms (especially putting emphasis on your four fingers.) (From bottom to top.) Gently press the palm of your hands over your face, covering it completely.



KOSÉ is a Japanese multinational personal care company, whose products include cosmetics, skin care, and hair care products.

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Weight 1.4 oz