Sébium Mat Control

Shine control moisturizer that smoothes and mattfies the skin. Recommended for sensitive, combination to oily skin. Can be used on the face by adults and teens. Apply morning and/ or evening after cleansing. Can be used as a makeup base.

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Sébium Mat Control is a moisturising product with 8-hour mattifying and soothing Technology giving instant, deep down results for naturally beautiful skin. Biologically regulates shine (zinc, vitamin B6), refines skin texture, tightens pores (keratolytic active ingredients and astringent), limits the appearance of blemishes (Fluidactiv patented complex). The Fluidactiv patented complex biologically regulates sebum quality and provides lasting protection against blocked pores, which can cause blemishes. This 8-hour Mat & Smooth Technology treatment acts on the skin to biologically regulate shine, refine the skin texture and tighten pores. TheFluidactiv patented complex regulates the sebum quality and also prevents the appearance of blemishes.



Bioderma is a French skincare brand whose products are known for being highly effective but gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. Bioderma understands the importance of maintaining skin health. Their teams of biologists and dermatologists have conducted extensive research to create a line of products designed to protect the skin and boost its resistance to environmental factors.

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