EndyMed Los Angeles: A Non-Surgical Alternative with Fantastic Results!

With the Summer season in full swing, it’s time to break out that cute bikini or trendy swim trunks you’ve been dying to wear and take in some much-needed sunshine on the beach. However, you may be feeling like your skin looks a little drab lately. A healthy diet and good exercise regimen are great ways to improve and maintain your overall health, but sometimes it just takes a bit more than a healthy meal and a good workout to make your body beach ready. This is where Endymed comes in.

EndyMed Medical, founded in 2007, is a company that develops energy-based treatment systems that use pain-free methods of delivering targeted heat to various parts of the body.

Endymed Los Angeles

Endymed is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that stimulates collagen and rejuvenates elastin and collagen production.
There are different EndyMed handpieces specially designed to treat various issues on various areas of the body. Important to a successful treatment, it’s essential that you only undergo this process with a trusted EndyMed expert – and your friends at Sepi Spa can help!

In addition to carrying some of the world’s most exclusive brand names in skin care and cosmetics, Sepi Spa also offers the most up-to-date spa treatments currently available on the market today – including EndyMed Pro! Some of their EndyMed treatments include:

Facial Tightening

Used to lift and tighten the face, eyes, and neck, this treatment delivers results fast and is clinically proven to reduce fine lines, resulting in a smoother, younger complexion.

EndyMed RS lipsEndyMed Face before after

Body Tightening and Contouring

Wish you could rid yourself of that unwanted cellulite and shape those sexy curves to their fullest potential? EndyMed is the perfect treatment for you! Using EndyMed body contouring treatments can substantially reduce wrinkles, cellulite, and shape up the contours of your body, resulting in firmer curves and a serious self-confidence boost.

Additionally, EndyMed requires zero downtime; so, you don’t have to worry about taking time away from your busy schedule to recover.

EndyMed Body Before After

Fractional RF for Resurfacing

The stresses in life can do a number on your skin – and being unhappy with the reflection staring back at you in the mirror every morning can really affect your self-esteem. Rather than allowing those tiny imperfections to rule over your day-to-day life, why not try EndyMed?

EndyMed Fractional RF for Skin Resurfacing offers an effective solution for rejuvenating and repairing damaged skin. It is frequently used to treat sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, uneven skin textures, age spots, and skin discoloration.

EndyMed Before After Legs

EndyMed Results

In addition to being a highly-effective method of reducing wrinkles and tightening skin, EndyMed can also remove and reduce the appearance of scars; including acne scars or incision scars from surgery.

When looking at the before and after pictures for those that undergo treatment, it’s no surprise that EndyMed is praised by users as being one of the safest and effective non-surgical treatments for wrinkles and numerous other skin annoyances. There is a substantial reduction in even the worst cases of wrinkles, acne, sagging skin, uneven skin pigmentation, and scarring. Thanks to EndyMed, Thousands of people worldwide are restoring their confidence and finding a new and improved outlook on life.

EndyMed Back Thigh

Another thing that sets EndyMed apart from other cosmetic treatments is its price. Unlike a lot of procedures and treatments that will charge an arm and a leg (and maybe even a kidney) to help you achieve younger, healthier skin, EndyMed is one of the more economically-friendly treatments currently available in the world of cosmetics. Even buying a treatment package is far less costly than other procedures that are designed for similar purposes. So, you can keep your limbs, and organs, intact. Further pricing details and comparisons are discussed below.

EndyMed Pro Reviews

Many patients who undergo EndyMed Pro are astonished at how quickly they noticed results – with some even commenting that they noticed a visible change in their skin only a few days after their first session. Most people are also surprised at just how painless the process can be.

Whether undergoing treatment for something simple – such as removing dark circles under the eyes, or something more extensive like body contouring, the success rate, and overall positive results have made EndyMed Pro a favorite amongst doctors and users alike.

If you’re looking for an effective treatment that brightens, tightens, and improves your skin, without burning a hole in your wallet to go under the knife, EndyMed may be a fantastic solution for you!

Does Endymed Skin Tightening Work

EndyMed is an FDA-approved treatment and clinically-proven to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. In fact, studies have found that EndyMed provides up to 96.7% improvement and reduction in non-facial wrinkles. Additionally, these studies also found that subjects who underwent treatment experienced a positive change in sagging skin up to 4.3cm.

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

So, does EndyMed skin tightening work? To answer simply, yes. Though the extent of results may vary at times, the treatment itself has been proven time and time again to help reduce wrinkles, improve the contours of the body, and provide a firmer, healthier appearance to the skin.

No, it doesn’t suddenly make you a superhero with super-regenerative abilities (we wish), but EndyMed is still an incredible non-surgical treatment for numerous skin issues that plague our daily lives. In the end, the best way to determine if a treatment is right for you is to speak with an expert on the subject. Schedule your appointment with Sepi Spa to learn more!

How Much Does Endymed Cost

Your standard Cosmetic surgery to tighten skin can cost anywhere from $17,000 to $50,000 – Yikes! Why spend a fortune to undergo painful, time-consuming surgeries when you can save your time and money at Sepi Spa. The average price for an EndyMed neck and face treatment at Sepi Spa will only cost you a whole lot less.

Sepi Spa even offers customers several affordable package deals. For example, a face and neck package deal that contains five treatments! To inquire about the prices or make an appointment just call us at 310-998-1958 or use our simple contact form here.

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