Endermologie Treatment: Your Questions Answered!

Cellulite … even the word makes you want to cringe. Predominately found on the hips and thighs, cellulite is caused by fat cells beneath the skin. These fat cells not only trap toxins but also retain fluids. Cellulite manifests in the form of a dimpled, uneven pattern in the affected areas. True, it is pretty much impossible to get rid of cellulite completely, but thanks to advancements in the world of cosmetic surgery, there are now treatments that can finally help reduce the appearance of those unwanted dimples. One of the main weapons used to combat this ever-growing issue is Endermologie Cellulite Treatment.

What Is Endermologie Cellulite Treatment?

Endermologie Cellulite Treatment is a non-invasive procedure in which the patient is placed into a soft, full-body stocking and then a certified therapist will use a hand-held machine, equipped with rollers and gentle suction, to massage the problem areas and stimulate fat cells. The stimulation of these cells promotes the production of collagen and elastic, leading to smoother, tighter skin. In addition to reducing cellulite, endermologie treatments can also increase blood and lymph flow, remove toxins, and remove unwanted fluids.

What Celebrities Are Using Endermologie?

Due to its many health benefits and high success rate, many celebrities are now jumping on the endermologie bandwagon. Yes, it’s true, even the most gorgeous celebs need a bit of help now and then to keep looking fabulous. Here are just a few names out of the many Hollywood favorites that are using endermologie treatments to stay fit:

Angelina Jolie

Known for her incredibly exotic good looks and solid acting skills, Jolie frequently uses endermologie for stubborn cellulite.

Jennifer Lopez

Dominating both the film and music industry, while also maintaining an incredible body, can take a lot of work. In addition to plenty of regular exercise and eating healthy, J-Lo also uses endermologie treatments to help keep her body in check.

Matthew McConaughey

That’s right ladies, even a sex symbol like Matthew McConaughey has used endermologie treatments to keep that sexy bod in fit condition.

Penelope Cruz

A major supporter of endermologie, the very lovely Penelope Cruz has even went as far as having her very own endermologie machine at home that she uses in multiple weekly sessions.

Sylvester Stallone

Kicking butt on the big screen for over three decades, Sylvester Stallone uses endermologie treatments to reduce scar tissue. In addition to helping celebs fight off cellulite, endermologie can also help reduce soreness and speed up the body’s recovery process.

Tyra Banks

America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks has been an avid supporter of endermologie and frequently goes in for endermologie massage sessions to maintain her fantastic frame.


Dominating the music charts, going on tour, and caring for three children while still maintaining an awesome body? Yeah, that takes work, and Beyoncé uses endermologie to help get the job done.

Britney Spears

There’s no denying that Britney Spears has had a long, and at times rocky, career. However, Miss Spears has proven time and time again that she is no quitter. With her career back on track and better than ever, Spears uses endermologie to keep her body looking great and ready for whatever comes next.

Do Endermologie Treatments Work?

It was confirmed by the FDA that endermologie does work to temporarily reduce cellulite in areas treated on the body. In fact, endermologie cellulite treatment is the first non-invasive procedure approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reduce cellulite.

With any type of treatment that offers to rejuvenate the skin and maintain a youthful appearance, there will always be those who wholeheartedly believe the treatment works, and those who don’t. In the end, it’s best to let the results speak for themselves.

Buttocks of a woman with cellulite before and after medical treatment
Buttocks of a woman with cellulite before and after Endermologie treatment

How Long Does Endermologie Last?

The results that you will see from endermologie are temporary, lasting roughly 3 months, so it’s recommended to have at least 1 treatment every month or so just for maintenance. Additionally, it is also important to remember that you may need 6-10 treatment sessions initially to see the full results and benefits of this procedure.

Legs of a woman before and after anti cellulite treatment
Legs of a woman before and after Endermologie cellulite treatment

How Much Does Endermologie Cost?

In comparison to other surgical procedures, endermologie treatments are relatively cheap, costing around $75 to $100 per session. Some facilities that offer such treatments may also have package deals that can be purchased rather than paying per treatment.

What Is Endermologie Body Sculpting

Body sculpting with endermologie simply refers to having endermologie treatments performed on multiple problem areas of the body, rather than only one. This means that instead of going in for a session to cover troublesome cellulite on the thighs, the patient will also have treatments on several other areas so as to sculpt their body to the desired appearance. Sepi Spa uses the latest LPG Endermologie Machine!

woman is in the process at the clinic massage
A woman is in the body sculpting treatment with endermologie at the Sepi Spa

Does Endermologie Tighten Skin?

Yes! endermologie treatments are a fantastic way to tighten up loose skin. In fact, these treatments can even help with loose pectoral tissue and those unwanted “love handles” in men.

Are Cellulite Treatments Safe?

Yes. Though some cellulite treatments do have minor side effects, these are rare and usually resolve themselves within 3-7 days following the procedure. Since endermologie cellulite treatment is non-invasive and uses no harmful chemicals, this procedure is considered incredibly safe. In fact, due to the treatment being in the form of a massage, many report that endermologie is actually quite an enjoyable process.

Does Liposuction Reduce Cellulite?

Yes. Liposuction can reduce cellulite. Though it is important to note that it may not completely rid you of cellulite. While there are many methods to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the modern age, there is no proven “cure” to this widespread problem.

Did You Know That Endermologie Is a Must After Liposuction?

This is especially true for individuals who recently underwent extensive liposuction or those with poor skin tones. Often, patients will begin having endermologie treatments around two weeks following their liposuction procedure; however, the time can vary depending on the patient.

After undergoing liposuction, there will be a layer of scar tissue between the underlying muscle and skin. This will lead to a feeling of tightness in certain parts of the body due to tightening scar tissue. Starting Endermologie treatments after undergoing liposuction can help soften the affected areas.

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