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Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Although extremely common, cellulite can often make women very self-conscious about the way their thighs, buttocks and other key areas appear.

What exactly is cellulite? The dimpled areas appear due to fat deposits beneath the skin that push and distort the connective tissue, making the skin’s surface look lumpy and bumpy. So what can be done to rid our bodies of these unwanted bumps? Say hello to endermologie and velashape treatments!

What is endermologie body sculpting?

Endermologie body sculpting is the first FDA-approved non-surgical procedure that reduces the appearance of cellulite, leaving customers with beautifully smooth skin without the nasty after effects of invasive surgery.

What is endermologie cellulite treatment?

Endermologie cellulite treatment is just another term for endermologie body sculpting. They both do the same things and reduce the appearance of cellulite via technical procedures, where no surgery is required. The process works by massaging, rolling and manipulating the skin tissues to get rid of cellulite.

Cellulitis on the legs. A close-up. Isolated on white background.
Cellulitis on the legs.

Does endermologie work?

By using rolling, smoothing and massaging techniques, endermologie works by lifting skin tissue, targeting fibroblasts (fat deposits) and rolling them smooth. When the rolling occurs, it activates a signal in the skin cells which kick-starts the production of more collagen in the focused area, creating a more elastic and bouncy area of skin.

How long does endermologie last?

After the initial treatments, most patients like to maintain their newfound results by attending endermologie maintenance appointments roughly every six weeks.

How effective is endermologie?

An Endermologie treatment is very effective for most patients. After completing a series of treatments, patients can expect to see the significantly reduced appearance of cellulite and a slimmer contour. As well as this, it can also help to improve skin tone, leaving skin glowing and radiant, and can help to improve circulation and reduce minor muscle pain.

endermologie body sculpting
Endermologie body sculpting attachment

How much is endermologie?

The most important question of all…how much does endermologie cost? Of course, this depends on where you go, and how professional the technician is. It is important to remember that price often reflects quality in the beauty industry! But on average, endermologie can range from around $70 – $100 per treatment session. Many places often offer a discounted rate when purchasing treatment sessions in bulk.

Does facial endermologie work?

Yes, facial endermologie can produce fantastic results and can create a more youthful appearance.

Does endermologie hurt?

No, endermologie is not a painful experience at all. In fact, it is normally a very relaxing procedure. In most cases, you are taken into a private room and the rolling technique feels very similar to a massage.

How many endermologie treatments are needed?

Customers who participate in endermologie treatment should expect to attend 12-14 sessions (1 or 2 sessions per week). Each session will last between 25-45 minutes. Maximum results will appear after completing the full 14 sessions, but many clients will start to see positive results after 6-8 sessions.

lipo massage aka endermologie machine
Body treatment clinic with advanced equipment for lipo massage also known as endermologie

What is velashape body contouring?

Velashape body contouring is a very similar treatment to the endermologie treatment. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that is used by customers to reduce cellulite. Velashape treatments also work on the areas around the stomach, thighs, and hips to slim and contour these key fatty tissues.

It is important to note that velashape is not a weight loss treatment. Instead, it targets and contours nuisance areas that can be difficult to tone through diet and exercise alone.

How does velashape work?

Velashape treatments work by combining suction and massage techniques, with radio frequency energy and infrared light. Mechanical rollers are used to massage the problem areas while shooting infrared radio frequencies into the skin tissue. These frequencies heat the tissue, causing it to smooth and melt the fat cells down.

VelaShape VSmooth
VelaShape VSmooth

How long does a velashape treatment take?

A single velashape treatment session can take between 30 to 40 minutes. Most patients will need to return to undergo more than one velashape session, and typically, it will take 4 – 6 sessions over the course of several months to see the most optimum results, with a top-up session every few months. Velashape results are not seen instantly, usually, most patients will see the changes gradually over the course of each session. The results vary per person, as do the number of sessions needed so it is always best to speak with a doctor before going for the treatment.

Does velashape work?

Yes, velashape does work. Although it does take some people longer than others to see results. It is very individual to each person, and dependent on the size of the treatment area, as well as the number of treatments each patient undergoes.

How expensive is velashape?

Typically, velashape treatment ranges from $500 -$3,000 and is very dependent on the size of the treatment area.

Does velashape hurt?

No, as long as you go to an experienced and professional tech, then the procedure should not hurt. Similar to endermologie, velashape treatments are not painful procedures. To give you an idea of what it feels like, some patients have described the treatments as feeling like a warm deep tissue massage. On some occasions, velashape treatments can leave slight or minimal bruising.

Does velashape work for cellulite?

Yes, velashape works for cellulite. Velashape treatment targets key areas, and uses a combination of massage and rolling techniques, with infrared technology to smooth cellulite-prone areas.

smooth cellulite prone areas
Smooth cellulite prone areas

Does velashape work on abs?

Yes! You can absolutely receive velashape in your abdominal area. Velashape treatment of abs works to tighten and contour the abdominal area, especially those pockets they are often difficult to shake even with exercise and a healthy diet.

Does velashape work on love handles?

Yes, velashape works on love handles. The treatment works to smoothen and melt fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer, more contoured body shape.

Does velashape work on stretch marks?

Like cellulite, many women are embarrassed and extremely self-conscious of the appearance of stretch marks. Great news, velashape works on stretch marks! The radio frequency opens collagen fibers which stimulate the lymphatic circulation and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Does velashape work on thighs?

Yes, velashape work on thighs. As mentioned above, it can often depend on the person, the size of the area and the elasticity of the skin as to how the results turn out. Velashape works to reduce the cellulite on your thighs, and also works to create a more streamlined, slimmer thigh shape.

What are the benefits of velashape?

There are many benefits to using velashape treatments to reduce cellulite and fatty pockets over using other types of cellulite busting technique such as:

Fewer side effects – there are little to no side effects of velashape treatments. It does not harm or damage the epidermis, and there is no ongoing pain or discomfort. Rarely, velashape treatments can leave slight bruising, but the possible side effect of the treatment.

No Recovery Period – After having a velashape treatment, there is no downtime or painful healing process, and you can get right back to enjoying your day. This is unlike numerous other cellulite procedures, where patients are required to rest or refrain from strenuous activity.

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