Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream Reviews

With each new season comes a new miracle cream claiming to do what the last competitor couldn’t quite accomplish. For example, recently, makeup artists and celebrities alike have been raving about Augustinus Bader Cream. They say this face cream has revolutionized their skincare routine. These skincare products are developed by stem cell and biomedical scientist Professor Augustinus Bader and they claim to reduce fine lines and the appearance of age spots while evening the skin tone.

At $265 a bottle, it’s essential to know how accurate these claims are before you drop the cash. There’s no better way to find out how well these skincare products work than by comparing what real users had to say about The Rich Cream.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream Reviews
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The Rich Cream Reviews

What Customers Raved About

The Rich Cream is specially designed for those with dry skin in mind. While many customers who found that The Cream only seemed to dry out their skin further, they discovered that The Rich Cream left their skin feeling firm and hydrated. Ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil lock in moisture for dry, damaged skin.

Users described the rich formula as velvety and creamy without any stickiness. Rather than leaving skin looking oily, the skin looks and feels hydrated. Some customers even said that it had evened out their skin ton and age spots so well that it looked like they have on BB cream when in reality, they had applied no makeup what so ever.

Several beauty editors have been so intrigued by the reports about how well Augustinus Bader Cream works, they’ve tried it out themselves. What was the consensus? Several agreed that other than your regular daily cleanser, you could throw out the rest of your skincare routine and replace it with this single formula. No more toners, serums, or moisturizers. So while the product is initially expensive, you can focus on how much money you’re saving by no longer having to purchase your other skin products.

There were a few users that admitted that they still preferred to wear makeup in addition to the cream mainly because they felt like a little something extra was needed, although they were happy to find that their skin was softer, brighter, and smoother.

Makeup artists working with Violet Grey were especially impressed with the fact that the cream had virtually no scent. More and more people are becoming sensitive to artificial fragrances. Others find that overly fragrant skincare products overpower the smell of their perfume or cologne. So if you prefer unscented products, then The Rich Cream is the ideal one-in-all formula for you.

The same makeup artists were also happy to find that The Rich Cream reduced redness and kept skin radiant throughout the day. They felt that skin was left with a luminous, consistent glow without looking or feeling heavy.

Many women who were using the cream primarily to reduce fine lines noted that after using it for twenty-seven days, they noticed few lines between the eyes and around the mouth. Some even decided to use it on their necks and reported that their skin was noticeably smoother and wrinkles were less noticeable.

What about acne scars and pockmarks? Over time our body produces less collagen making it more difficult for our skin to repair these scars. However, customers who used The Rich Cream worked even better than micro-needling when it came to reducing the appearance of acne scars. While the scars didn’t disappear completely, they were much less noticeable, and the skin had an evener texture overall.

Even the timeless Victoria Beckham has plenty to say about The Rich Cream. She found it beneficial to use when traveling. The recirculated air in airplanes irritates and dries out our skin. Beckham states that while the Rich Cream was too oily for her skin to use every day, she has found it extremely helpful in staying hydrated while traveling and during cold winter months.

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What Customers Didn’t Like About The Rich Cream

Complaints about The Rich Cream were small in comparison to the advantages people saw. Because everyone’s skin and genetic makeup are different, as well as the environment and stress levels, it’s easy to say that The Rich Cream is not for everyone. As mentioned by Victoria Beckham herself, The Rich Cream tended to be a little oily for some skin types in certain climates. Other consumers felt noticed their skin was breaking out in small whiteheads.

Customers that were already prone to bad acne were disappointed that The Rich Cream didn’t necessarily eliminate these blemishes. However, the less hydrating version, The Cream, does contain Retinol, a critical ingredient to fighting acne.

What is the Best Stem Cell Face Cream?

There are hundreds of antiaging creams on the market, all claiming to do the same thing. Reduce fine lines, even skin tone, relieve dry skin, etc. But how do you know which brand is the best? The answer can only be found in real life reviews and the science behind the cream.

When compared to other similar products such as those released by La Mer, The Rich Cream was preferred. That’s because one main ingredient in La Mer is mineral oil. Mineral oil is generally used as a filler in skin products, and unfortunately, many people are sensitive and even allergic to it. La Mer is also more expensive at $325 a bottle.

What is the Best Antiaging Cream That Really Works?

Time and again, Augustinus Bader’s beautiful products blow people away by the quick, dramatic results it produces. The Rich Cream works for many customers much better than any previously released antiaging cream on the market.

Why does Augustinus Bader’s skin cream work so well? The secret is the groundbreaking Trigger Factor Complex. It was created to boost your skin’s preexisting amino acids as well as vitamins essential to healthy skin. These work together with synthesized molecules that are already hard at work in your skin. Combine this science with some of the best known natural moisturizers like shea butter, aloe leaf, avocado oil, primrose oil, and sunflower oil, and you’ve got yourself a miracle cream.

Augustinus Bader: Where to Buy?

The Rich Cream, as well as the original formula, The Cream, can both be purchased right here at Sepi Spa in Santa Monica. Whether you’re worried about fine lines, dry skin, age spots, or uneven skin tone, Augustisus Bader beauty products can help.  Many factors go into finding the right miracle cream. These could include skin type, age, environment, and allergies. That is why we recommend meeting with one of our estheticians. They help you decide which of the two creams is best for your skin and will leave it with a healthy, even glow.


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