12 Most Effective Skin Care Products

You deserve access to soothing skin care products that work, whether you’re getting spa treatments at Sepi Spa or working on improving your skin at home. If you’re also focused on using the most natural products available, you might be wondering if it’s possible to find skin care solutions that are effective without being artificial or harsh on your skin. Fortunately, several brands are committed to providing natural, effective skin care products you can trust. Here are 12 that you can find on your next visit to Sepi Spa.

1. Biologique Recherche

This French line of skin care products is well known for its carefully researched, clinical approach to skin care. The products range from lotions and serums to masks and moisturizers, all of which feature pure, powerful ingredients that will improve your skin in different ways. The French have been using Biologique Recherche products for decades, and now, so can you. At Sepi Spa, we carry this brand’s very popular Lotion P50, which tones, exfoliates and moisturizes your facial skin. We also feature dozens of other lotions, serums, creams and masks by Biologique Recherche.

2. Santa Maria Novella

If you tend to put your trust in only the oldest, most experienced skin care brands, you’ll love Santa Maria Novella. This brand got its start in the year 1221, when it was a pharmacy founded by Dominican friars who made potent potions and balms from natural elements. They started selling them in 1612, with the first popular item being the Pasta di Mandorle, which means “almond paste.” This product is known for healing dry skin, evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of age spots. You can purchase this and other skin care products by Santa Maria Novella at Sepi Spa.

3. EltaMD

Not all gentle skin care products are meant to protect your skin from the sun, but EltaMD’s special formulas are. No matter what type of skin you have, you can rely on this brand’s sun protection products to shield your skin from UV rays. At Sepi Spa, we sell a range of EltaMD products that moisturize your skin while protecting it from sun damage.

4. SkinMedica

If your skin could use a healing touch, SkinMedica is the beauty brand to look for. It features several creams, cleansers and serums that have the power to rejuvenate your skin at any age. This is because SkinMedica spent years researching how to develop a product that uses the body’s natural healing ability to make skin look and feel younger. You can find plenty of SkinMedica products at Sepi Spa.

5. SkinCeuticals

If you know the importance of vitamin C when it comes to your skin, you’ll be interested in trying SkinCeuticals. This brand focuses on blending vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid with other natural ingredients to create everything from sunscreen to anti-aging serum.

6. Cure

If you’re searching for an effective exfoliator, Cure Natural Aqua Gel can give you the results you need. It’s a top seller in skin care because of its ability to exfoliate gently without using harsh ingredients. That’s due to the fact that it’s water based, with plant extracts like rosemary and aloe vera that come together to eliminate dead skin cells without irritating the skin. You can buy Cure Natural Aqua Gel directly from Sepi Spa.

7. Herbivore Botanicals

You deserve access to products that are not only nontoxic and safe, but also effective, which is why you should try out Herbivore Botanicals. This brand of skin care products uses only powerful, natural ingredients, not fillers, resulting in pure formulas that treat your skin well. At Sepi Spa, we carry bath soaks, bath salts, bar soaps and more by Herbivore Botanicals.

8. Bioderma

When you need skin care products that are gentle and actually work, look to Bioderma to offer the right products for you. Its line of products is a direct result of years of research on how to protect the skin and keep it looking its best. At Sepi Spa, we carry Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O Water, a gentle makeup remover.

9. Leonor Greyl

If you’re looking for a beauty brand that’s eco-friendly, gentle and does not test on animals, look into Leonor Greyl. Here you’ll find lots of products that can smooth and protect your hair and skin using a mix of masks, oils and cleansers. Sepi Spa is one of the authorized spas that sells this brand, so come to us to see the selection of products available to you.

10. Davines

This is another brand known for its focus on hair and skin products that are both soothing and effective. Its balms, oils, cleansers and other products are free of parabens, silicones, artificial colors and other harmful ingredients. You can find Davines products right here at Sepi Spa.

11. Maison Louis Marie

Whether you’re looking for a gentle, appealing perfume or a moisturizing body and hand wash, you’re sure to find it among Maison Louis Marie’s products. They’re both fragrant and moisturizing, and many of the products in this line do not contain parabens. Come to Sepi Spa to get a closer look at your options from Maison Louis Marie.

12. Purity Herbs

This brand offers soothing skin care products meant to improve skin of all ages. Purity Herbs especially focuses on healing skin that is dry or irritated, and it has products that help with acne, psoriasis and eczema. At Sepi Spa, we carry Purity Herb’s products for babies, foot and hand care, problem skin and more.