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What Makes Santa Maria Novella Products So Great?

You may wonder what Dominican monks and skin care products of today have in common. It seems like an odd combination of a mix of old and new, but if it weren’t for some very curious, and artistic, Dominican friars during the early 1200’s, we may not have some particularly remarkable beauty products of today. The products that are being referred to, are Santa Maria Novella products.

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12 Most Effective Skin Care Products

You deserve access to soothing skin care products that work, whether you’re getting spa treatments at Sepi Spa or working on improving your skin at home. If you’re also focused on using the most natural products available, you might be wondering if it’s possible to find skin care solutions that are effective without being artificial or harsh on your skin. Fortunately, several brands are committed to providing natural, effective skin care products you can trust. Here are 12 that you can find on your next visit to Sepi Spa. … Continue reading “12 Most Effective Skin Care Products”